A Time To Every Purpose

Nothing is promised. Not even time. The only thing we ever really have is Now – this moment. This may account for all of the frantic grasping and scrambling we do in our lives. We fear we have no time. But worry never serves to get us ahead. Quite the opposite. It robs us of the only time we’ll ever have – the present.

When we try to do or have it all at once, we soon lose momentum. So take your time and breathe. Choose one thing to do and do it well. It is what you do now that counts.

How fully immersed are you in this moment? When out having coffee with a friend, are you delighting in the exchange or thinking of the lawns that need mowing at home? When you are mowing the lawns, are you savouring the scent of the freshly cut grass or wishing you were out having coffee with a friend?

Too often we are distracted from what we are doing and wishing our time away on thoughts of next next next.

Slow down. Know that you have time. Trust that it is alright to move at a gentler pace. Supportive doors will open for you when you surrender control to what is. Let go. Refrain from trying to control outcomes.

Yes – it is important we dedicate time to working on our dreams, yet we must also balance this with time for play, time alone, as well as time spent with loved ones and friends. In doing so, we see the world with new eyes.

Today, breathe and enjoy the moment. Have faith that there is ‘a time to every purpose under the heaven.’

In love & light,

Hayley xx 


Love Is The Great Miracle Cure


Yesterday I wrote in my journal; “Tomorrow is the first day of Spring here in Melbourne. A time for new beginnings. Self-care and self-love is the focus for September…”

I spent this morning taking care of myself. I have learnt the importance of self-care from many great teachers, but mostly from the incredible work of Louise L. Hay. So off I went on my morning walk, stopping to take photos of flowers and to pet some dogs along the way. When I arrived home, I spent half an hour stretching my body and going deeper with my yoga and meditation practice, then I wrote my morning pages… I don’t always get to spend my mornings this way, but when I do, I feel so much better. I have more energy to give others the best of me, instead of the rest of me.

As I hopped online to beginning blogging, it was then that I learned the news. Louise L. Hay, one of my greatest inspirations, had transitioned this morning, aged 90.

Many will know Louise as the pioneer for self-love and the founder of Hay House publishers. Her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ takes pride on my bookshelf, and is my go to book whenever I’m in need of a reminder of the power of our thoughts. Louise’s book has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and continues to bless the homes of many.

Today, as we remember Louise’s great work and the incredible healing she has contributed to our world, may we join together in love and harmony, and give thanks for her many beautiful blessings and teachings. Peace be with you.

“In the infinity of life where I am,
All is perfect, whole and complete,
I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack, I now choose to begin to see myself
As the Universe sees me — perfect, whole, and complete.”
― Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

In love & light,

Hayley xx


The Sweet Life

We get just one shot at this sweet life of ours. It will never come again – so live! Why waste life with thoughts of the past, regretting the choices and mistakes we have made? Why squander our time fretting about the future? For the future may never come.

So many of us choose to love cautiously when we can choose to love passionately instead. Yes, maybe we will get hurt. But wouldn’t we rather die with a thousand words expressed than a thousand unspoken in our hearts? Not only are we guarded in love, but we live cautiously too… Too often we dismiss our dreams and lay them aside for fears of not being good enough. We fear success and we fear failure. But those burning desires within our hearts exist for a reason. Life is what we make of it. Be bold. Be brave. Your dreams are real, so go after them.

Today, let us live. May we laugh a little louder, dance a little freer, love a little larger, and dare to dream a little longer. May we throw caution to the wind and embrace the life we intended to live. Because ‘that it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.’ Nothing is ever guaranteed. So don’t wait for life to begin, begin living.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

In love & light,

Hayley xx


Keep Going

Never underestimate yourself. For your strength and resilience are far greater than you could ever imagine.

You haven’t survived for as long as you have, nor have you journeyed as far as you’ve come, only to quit now. When you feel like giving up, when your heart is too heavy to carry, your feet to weary to walk, your words too silenced to talk – dig deep and remember who you are.

Remember the lessons you have learnt; the scars that you earned; the joy you outpoured; the grief you’ve endured; the tears that you shed; the love you have bled – remember it all. For this is the fuel that will drive you on with the utmost faith in your heart. Because ‘when you have gone so far that you cannot manage one more step, then you have gone just half the distance you are capable of.’

You are stronger than you know. So keep going.

In love & light,

Hayley xx


3 Tips To Get Clear About The New Year

With each New Year, opportunities for change and renewal arise; a time when fresh ideas, hopes and wishes are born. It is true that we can ignite change at any moment in our lives – that we needn’t wait until the first of the month, or Monday, or for the elusive ‘perfect moment’ to begin – but there is something wondrous and welcoming about the start of a New Year; a blank canvas for which our dreams and creativity await form and application.

But when faced with a blank canvas, what should we paint? What hues should we select and what if we run out of colour halfway through? Worse still – what if we stare woefully at the blank page before us, a sense of rising dread as we consider our forgotten finesse for creativity?

In answer to these very real and experienced questions, I invite you to cast your mind back to when you were a child. Rarely, as children, did we ever stop to ponder our ability to create when faced with fresh pots of paint and paper. Instead, with little hesitation, we’d dive in, barely stopping to roll up our sleeves as we repeatedly dipped our brushes, in and out. It didn’t matter if the colours became mixed or the paper became saturated and soaked. Nor did we care if our brush strokes were sloppy and without direction. After splashing a myriad of colour in every which way, we’d pause – and then confidently state our masterpiece, even if it looked nothing of the sort: “Look – a house! A sun! A crocodile!”

Children don’t analyse their visions and dreams, they simply create according to their own unique perspective.

So don’t fret if, as you pen down your wish to lose fifteen pounds or more, you are nibbling away at the left over Christmas chocolates, or dousing your front with fallen crumbs of turkey and cranberry sandwiches. Today is for creative dreaming, the doing will surely follow.

3 Tips Get Clear About The New Year

  1. New Years resolutions are a thing of the past, with many choosing to embrace a word or theme for the year ahead, something that embodies all aspects of our lives; Mind, Body and Spirit. For example, my focus this year is CONNECTION. I would like to be more connected to myself and my spiritual practice. I wish to be more connected with my body’s needs and to listen to it’s subtle whispers when it come to my health. And of course, I would like to strengthen the connections I have with friends and family, as well as forming new connections that inspire and uplift. Will you embrace a theme for the year? And if so, what word will you choose?
  2. Journal Activity: Take a notepad. Give one page each to the following categories: Health, Possessions, Leisure, Relationships, Creativity, Career, and Spirituality. Like a child faced with fresh pots of paint and paper, move out of your logic mind and into the creative mind! List ten wishes in each area, and allow yourself to dream a little here!
  3. As well as embracing the new, it is important for us to release the past. We can thank the past for the wisdom and lesson’s it has brought, but with renewed clarity comes the opportunity to let go of anything that has been holding us back. Is there something or someone you would like to release? This could be a trait, a habit, or even a toxic relationship? For example, mine is PROCRASTINATION. I am so over procrastinating, and am willing to let this debilitating trait go moving forward. Other things to consider are: refined sugar, excessive alcohol, your negative friend who only ever calls to moan about her life…! Whatever it is, choose one thing to release moving forward and feel how wonderful it is to LET GO.

I hope you found some of these tips useful! What are your tips for getting clear about the new year? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Hayley xx





My Top Tips for Calmer Kids & How to Encourage Meditation

As a teacher of yoga and mindfulness in schools, I can honestly say that the transformation I witness blows my mind every time. More mindfulness in schools = calmer kids. And more importantly – HAPPIER children.

It’s our responsibility to provide our young ones with the tools they need to build positive and peaceful relationships with themselves and those around them. Teaching children how to be calm also provides them with coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions and stress. Because lets face it – with the demands of the curriculum, homework and the pressure to keep up with their peers, children can become stressed out too!child-meditation-dalai-lama

But what if your local school has yet to establish a mindfulness/meditation practice with their students? You could suggest that they incorporate this into the curriculum. There are a couple of ways this can be done; schools can book in specialised programs that usually spend a term with the school establishing a yoga or meditation practise. If the school’s budget does not allow for this, an inexpensive way could be through the use of meditation apps such as Smiling Minds or My Light Shines Bright.

You may want to begin a meditation practise with your children at home, and the best way is to lead by example.

Here are my top tips for meditating with your children at home:

Create a peaceful space

It is important that children feel safe when meditating. One way to do this is to create a peaceful place for them to meditate and take some time out. However, it is important that this space is not used as punishment for naughty children. meditation-for-childrenThis is a sacred space for your child to feel comfortable and at ease with themselves. This is a peaceful place where they can remove themselves from the stresses of school or the hustle and bustle of communal areas. For that reason, choose a corner of the house free from televisions and other noisy distractions.

Peaceful props

To encourage your children to use their meditation space, decorate it with some peaceful props. Like adults, children are drawn to beautiful ornaments and items that make them feel happy and comfortable. Some suggestions are:

  • colourful cushions and fabrics
  • statues or framed images of fairies, unicorns, mystical dragons or other items of interest, such as a favourite teddy
  • crystals or colourful glass pebbles
  • a portable stereo with a choice of relaxing, calm music
  • a special lamp safe for children’s use, such as a salt lamp or a night light
  • singing bowl or chimes

Encourage, don’t force

Children are naturally intrigued by anything new, therefore, meditation should be encouraged, rather than forced. If your child wants to get up and leave – allow them to, they will return in time. But as a general rule of thumb, experts recommend children meditate for one minute per year of age eg. 5 years old = 5 minutes. However, each child is different and so in the beginning, I suggest taking a ‘mindful minute’ and then slowly increasing the timeframe until you reach an amount they feel comfortable with.


Children also learn from those around them. So encourage gentle discussion about why meditation is good for us. eg. ‘It helps us to feel calm, peaceful, healthy and happy etc’  ‘Especially when we have difficult emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness or when we’re having trouble sleeping etc’ This will allow your child to develop an understanding of why we practise mindfulness. Children love to contribute their ideas, so ask them: ‘When could we practise this? How does it make us feel after we’ve taken a mindful minute? What difficult emotions could this help us with?’ You will be surprised at how quickly children come to know the benefits of meditating.

Simple (yet creative) breathing techniques

Since breathing is such an important aspect of mindfulness and meditation, children will need to be taught the basics of focusing on their breath.  Children are very visual, so here are some fun and simple techniques to encourage calmness of breath:

  • ask your child to place their hands on their tummy and say; ‘Imagine you have a balloon in your tummy! What colour is your balloon? Now imagine that as you breath in, you fill your balloon with air and it gets bigger, and as you breath out, you let the air out and the ballon gets smaller. Breath in, your balloon fills with air, breath out, your balloon empties…’ Encourage this for a few breaths, or one minute.
  • Get creative! Imagine you are in a jungle! Can your child do a lion breath? ‘Breath in and make a proud lion chest – now do a silent roar as you let the air go. Let’s do a Daddy lion, now a Mummy lion, which is softer, now a baby lion which is ever so gentle. Now lets continue breathing like baby lions for one minute…’
  • For older children, the analogy of using their breath like an anchor is helpful. ‘When a boat drifts along the water, the anchor helps it to become still. Sometimes our minds drift off, but we can use our breath like an anchor to help our minds become calm and still. Lets practice focussing on our breathing. Shall we count our breaths silently in our heads? In for One…out for Two…in for Three…’

Make it fun!

Mindfulness can be fun, not a chore! There are many ways to make mindfulness fun for your children. Get creative, choose some calming music to play as you meditate together. I recommend a song called A Breath of Stillness which can be found on Spotify, YouTube or downloaded. For younger children, practise other animal breathing techniques, all of which can be found on YouTube such as ‘bird breath’, ‘bee breath’ or ‘dragon breath’. Once the basics of breathing are established, you may want to practise Sun Salutes together and other simple yoga movements, since yoga is simply meditation in movement. But most of all, make it a happy time for you and your family to share and enjoy together!

I hope these techniques have provided you with some ideas to get started. I’d love to hear your contributions about what has and hasn’t worked! So feel free comment below, or share this post with your friends and family if you feel they may benefit from some of these practices.